Top 8 Reasons You Should Offer Discounts And Deals!


How do you make your slow times busier, reduce food waste and reward customer loyalty? Discounts!

Using discounts you can attract foodies who will become regulars. Many local foodies mentioned that once they love a place and become a regular, they would prefer to pay full price rather than take advantage of a discount.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should offer a discount:

  1. They make your customers happy. Everybody loves a great deal!
  2. Discounts increase sales during slow times.
  3. They bring in new customers and encourage infrequent customers to become regulars.
  4. They decrease food waste by encouraging more sales.
  5. Discounts attract veterans, seniors, students and teachers and enhance your reputation.
  6. Special deals help customers choose your food and drinks over your competitors. 
  7. Consistent specials encourage repeat visits.
  8. They encourage the customer to buy more with the money they saved.

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