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We are very fortunate to have truly fresh, locally-sourced food at the tip of our forks! From colorful fruits and veggies to seafood straight out of our waterways, you can delight in a food experience that supports area farms. Try these

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Scrumptious crab, delicious oysters, tasty shrimp... Is your tummy growling yet? Set the sails for deliciousness with our fresh caught seafood guide! Read more

Say cheese! There's nothing quite like cheese that pairs so perfectly with crackers, meat or wine. Our new guide is all about that! Farm-fresh cheeses here we come!Read more

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Skagit Farms & Farm Stands Guide

One of the best things about Skagit is our county’s agricultural roots. Our County has been providing an abundance of veggies, berries, milk, and meats to all. Skagit is such a great place when it comes to finding produce and pretty much anything...Read more

The Mount Vernon Farmers Market is the ideal shopping destination for delicious food, flowers, and artisan crafts.  It also provides a

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