Operation Caffeination Guide

<em>Edit Promo Post</em> Caramel Blended Coffee

Java java java! It’s a top secret op, we call it Operation Caffeination! Don’t worry, these yummy drinks aren’t classified yet!

From The Menu...

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Operation Caffeination Guide

    Affogato might be the best thing ever created! It mixes our favorite things: ice cream and espresso! We tried it at Oak Harbor Gelato & Espresso and were speechless!

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

    Good things come in small sizes! For example, the Hazelnut Macchiato at Ristretto Coffee Lounge And Wine Bar! Each sip of this delicious drink is worth every penny!

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Comfort Foods Guide

    Can't choose between the bookstore or the cafe? How about both! Sip this delicious mocha made with housemade vanilla or chocolate syrup while reading a delightful tale! (Okay, that's pretty awesome.)

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