No More Business Bullies


Stand With Us Against Business Bullies

We like to keep things positive and on topic here at Skagit Eats. Being #SkagitFoodies, we love to share all about the fantastic food (and drink, and dessert, Mmmm dessert...) in Skagit County! :D

Unfortunately, there always seems to be those people in the community that go to extraordinary lengths to bully others and attempt to spoil all the good things. :( When the bullies are business owners or in positions of leadership in our community we refer to them as Business Bullies because they use the same tactics that bullies use in schoolyard playgrounds but in the business world. Very rarely do business bullies have anything of actual positive substance to contribute. Besides as adults we all know bullies are threatened by their victims, riddled with insecurity. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and often times play the victim to draw people in for the kill.

So, we decided to do something entirely different and stand up to these business bullies! Please, join us in taking a stand against the business bullies in our community who use slander to tear down the positive things all of us including you do in our community. We all need to stand up against the Business Bullies in our community for the sake of everyone.

Take a moment to read this article Slander Hurts Everybody and please let us know if you have been approached by business bullies in our community that are talking bad about and slandering our founders, our company, and what we do.    

We ask that you examine the actions that we walk out each and every day year after year. We have been transparent about our agenda, mission, and social purpose since we started our business.

We just want ALL of us #SkagitFoodies and #SkagitEateries to be able to focus on what is truly important in life!! Finding more yummy food then sharing where to get it! :D We honestly love our beautiful community and enjoy discovering new and creative ways to build it up so we can all have happy tummies for generations to come!! :D #NoMoreBusinessBullies

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