Kids Adventure


Kids want to have a Foodie Adventure, too! Bring them for a special lunch date at North Cove Coffee for a pairing that is sure to please our pint-sized guests - an ooey, gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a cool, pink Raspberry Frappe.

  • Kids Adventure

    Is your kiddo begging for a "big kid's drink" like yours? Treat them with a Coffee-Free Raspberry Frappe! Crafted with kids in mind, this refreshing berry-flavored frappe is available without caffeine, so you and your little one can be twinsies with matching drinks. Enjoy one from North Cove Coffee today!

  • Kids Adventure

    A proven smile-maker, the Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich at North Cove Coffee will satisfy even the pickiest eaters! Served with chips and oozing with melted cheese on nicely toasted bread, this sandwich is the perfect treat after a tough test, basketball practice or piano recital. Treat your little one today!

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