Inside The Skagit Casino Resort Is A Gourmet Restaurant You're Going To Love

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The Encore Restaurant serves seasonal gourmet dishes that will entice your taste buds with bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and locally sourced seafood. From their lemony Grilled Swordfish to their finger-licking good Korean BBQ Ribs, there is something for everyone!


Grilled Swordfish Lemon prosciutto rice with juicy grilled Swordfish topped with a tomato chili cranberry salsa and served with green beans.

Korean BBQ Ribs Ribs smothered in Sweet Korean BBQ sauce and topped with Kimchi.

Crab Tots They are like mini Crab Cakes served with a mouth-watering Lemon Grass Sweet Chili Sauce.

Chicken Prosciutto Pasta Fettuccine noodles tossed with amazing Garlic Cream Sauce then topped with grilled chicken breast, prosciutto and sundried tomatoes.

Seafood Pasta Pasta with Manila clams, Tiger prawns with an oh-so-tasty Fennel Saffron Tomato Sauce. Served with a side of cheesy Garlic Bread.

Lasagna Filled with creamy ricotta and meat sauce then topped with robust San Marzano tomato sauce. Served with fresh, seasonal veggies on the side.

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