Four Farm Fresh Dishes


‘Farm-to-Table’ Means Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

We are very fortunate to have truly fresh, locally-sourced food at the tip of our forks! From colorful fruits and veggies to seafood straight out of our waterways, you can delight in a food experience that supports area farms. Try these tasty dishes that showcase Skagit County!

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  • Four Farm  Fresh Dishes

    Our  gluten-free Dungeness Crab is fresh as you can get it! Pick it straight from the tank! This dish is worth the extra time it takes to prepare it!

  • Four Farm  Fresh Dishes

    There's a reason everyone is cuckoo for kale - it's yummy! Especially in the Kale Salad at Anelia's Kitchen & Stage. This colorful melange includes fresh garden kale, crunchy broccoli, roasted beets, juicy blueberries, slivered almonds, tangy goat cheese and is drizzled with dark balsamic. Move over, iceberg! $9

  • Four Farm  Fresh Dishes

    These babies are really something special! Harvested from Penn Cove, the oldest and largest mussel farm in America. Flyers Restaurant & Brewhouse sticks to a classic preparation to let the mussels shine. They steam 1 1/2 lbs. in garlic, butter, lemon, tomato, sweet onions and their own Heat Seeker Hefe' beer! Gluten free? No problem, they'll steam them in white wine for ya. $16.50

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