Drink Like It’s 1886 At Cascade Pizza!


What goes better with a cold one than a hot one? Come over to Cascade Pizza for a Beer Pairing Foodie Adventure with the best of both worlds! Start with tasty Cheese Bread with Meat Sauce and move onto one of Cascade’s famous Grinders - a hot sandwich with zesty pepperoni. Wash it down with a cool, classic Heineken Lager.

  • Drink Like It’s 1886 At Cascade Pizza!

    Heineken Lager at Cascade Pizza is still brewed the way it was over 130 years ago. You’ll notice it’s bright golden color and fruity yeast aroma. This lager’s fresh, mildly bitter flavor comes from the purest ingredients:  water, barley malt, hops, and the signature Heineken A-yeast, a strain discovered in 1886!

  • Drink Like It’s 1886 At Cascade Pizza!

    A starter so tasty it’s good enough for lunch!  Bread with melted cheese and served with robust meat sauce for dipping!

  • Drink Like It’s 1886 At Cascade Pizza!

    Imagine the spicy taste of pepperoni inside a crispy hot oven sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheese. Indulge yourself with the Pepperoni Grinder at Cascade Pizza for lunch or dinner today. Includes the option of gluten-free bread.

    To add extra meat, it’s just $2.00 and to add extra vegetables it’s only $1.00!

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