Super Yummy Deal Days: Give Discounts Smarter


Most people have three or four "go-to" places to choose from when they go out to eat, drink or grab a coffee. They need a reason to change their mind and remember your yummy place if you are not already on their "go-to" list. One of the ways you can do this is to share tantalizing photos of your dishes and drinks and the other way is to provide a discount. Now with the Super Yummy Deal Days program, you can get in front of 12,000+ foodies for only $50 a month.

Only On Slow Days

The Super Yummy Deal Days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; the traditionally slower days for restaurants, cafes, and coffee stands. By providing discounts on slow days and talking up your dishes on busy days, you are maximizing your marketing potential.

The Best Discounts

BOGO? 25%? $5 off? With so many different options, how do you know which discount to offer? How do you know if it will work? Rest assured, we've done the research with our foodie community to find out what kind of discounts work best and how much of a discount you have to provide in order for someone to choose you over your competitor. 

Give A Little, Gain A Lot

By narrowing your discounts to a specific demographic, especially a demographic like teachers, fire fighters, and police officers you generate goodwill from other customers. Even ones who are not receiving a discount! Community Discount days and Hero Appreciation days help show your commitment to the local community. Families and friends will also be more likely to remember your restaurant.

Customer Appreciation Day on Wednesday helps you get new customers and turn infrequent customers into regulars. Most people will buy a drink, appetizer or bring a friend when getting a good discount. By upselling a high profit item to people using a discount, you increase your overall profit.

We've created a plan to bring in more foot traffic without breaking the bank. Click here to sign up for the Super Yummy Deal Days.

Super Yummy Deal Days: Give Discounts Smarter