Appetizers Guide


Looking for a small bite? Hanging out with friends? Can't commit to one dish and need a few flavors to satisfy your hunger? Appetizers are like the 'Little Black Dress' of the restaurant menu--ideal for a variety of occasions. Treat yourself to an appetizer at a local eatery today! Photo: Onion Rings At Flyers Restaurant & Brewery

  • Appetizers Guide

    Flyers Restaurant and Brewery is proud to bring fresh Pacific Northwest Shellfish to their menu from Penn Cove Shellfish. The taste of the Puget Sound comes to their table in three great selections, including their succulent Mussel/Clam mix, fresh and flavorful Penn Cove Mussels, and their delectable Manilla Clams offering.

  • Appetizers Guide

    Flyers Restaurant & Brewery has the perfect way to enjoy fresh oysters with their tantalizing Oyster Shooters. A blend of their house cocktail sauce, freshly shucked oyster, a splash of vodka and lemon juice come together to create a delicious and fiery seafood experience you're going to love!

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