42 restaurants, 7 sponsors, 2 hosts, 1 event


With your support, the 4th Annual Take A Bite For Skagit was a huge success. During our foodie adventure on Take A Bite day, our team visited 10 restaurants, ate 13 appetizers, enjoyed 2 specialty drinks and 2 yummy entrees. At each stop, the restaurants and eateries were very busy with #SkagitFoodies dining out to support local restaurants and food banks! A big thank you from the teams at Skagit Yummy Alert and North Coast Credit Union!

Where Your Donation Is Going

The Skagit Food Distribution Center is the central hub for our local food banks. They collect, purchase, and store food in partnership with food banks and meal programs.

“We move over 2 million pounds of food each year through this center. 225,000 pounds of that is local produce.” Rita Ordonez, Community Food Access Manager

“We live in this agricultural area and there are a lot of farmers who are willing to donate fresh produce, but we are often limited by our capacity and storage. Most food banks can’t take in a truckload of produce, but by funneling that through the distribution center, they are able to store it, break it up and that keeps the fresh produce lasting longer through the winter months.” Arin Magill, Director of La Conner Sunrise Food Bank

Please send your donations directly to Community Action of Skagit County, marked for Take A Bite For Skagit. If you need a new envelope, send an email to Canderson@northcoastcu.com.

If you would like to sign up for next year, just click this link https://yummyalert.com/TakeABiteSignUp and we’ll get you on the list!