3 Steps to Make Your Restaurant More Money


To make your restaurant more profitable you must do 3 things:

  • increase the number of customers
  • increase the profit per customer
  • increase return visits

Participating in our Super Yummy Deals Days program accomplishes all 3 things.

Offering a great deal will encourage new customers looking to try something new. It also encourages new customers in target demographics like teachers, veterans, and police officers.

Pick one of your highest profit items and offer it to EVERY customer during Deal Days. Your customers are more likely to buy an extra item when they are saving money. Selling more items = making more profit!!

Turn a new customer into a regular customer by serving delicious food and giving amazing service. Some people may think that this is the time to relax because you are not getting paid full price, but this is actually an opportunity to WOW the first timer and encourage them to come back.

You could actually think of the discount you are offering as an advertising cost. The discount encourages new customers, gives you a chance to WOW them and to turn them into regulars. Cha-ching!

If you are interested in offering discounts to over 12,000 foodies, click here to check out our Super Yummy Deal Day program.